Best Breakfast Ever: SF International Chocolate Salon


Sunday, I had chocolate and wine for breakfast. And lunch.

Okay, actually I met my sister and two friends for breakfast in the Marina first, but that’s besides the point.

The plan for Sunday morning was the San Francisco International Chocolate Salon. Basically there was a festival pavilion at Fort Mason (where the food truck party happens that I wrote about in my last post) that was full of chocolate vendors and wineries. 76 of them. Yes, 76 booths passing out chocolate and glasses of wine. UM, YES.

I can’t really explain the goodness, so I’ll let the (poorly taken iPhone) pictures speak for themselves.

This is one of the best wines I’ve ever tasted. It was called ‘sexual chocolate’, a cab/syrah blend made by a winery I think was called SLO Down, started by some dudes at Cal Poly SLO their senior year. Plus, the label was handwritten. Totally winning.

(My sister came!!!)

Bacon caramel and seaweed caramel popcorn. Apparently the bacon one didn’t taste like bacon, but the seaweed one DEFINITELY tasted like seaweed. With caramel. And popcorn. No thanks.

(SF, we have a winner. This would be a peanut butter and jelly cup. Think about it.)

After two hours of this… yes, two hours… I could never imagine having a chocolate craving again. Ever. In life.

Well, that lasted about an hour or two, and then I would have been ready to go again. You can’t fight the craving. I need a salad now.

I love San Francisco.

Peace, love, and peanut butter cups,


What’s your favorite kind of chocolate?