A Different Perspective.

This weekend was all about perspective—in a variety of ways. On Saturday, I went to a race just to watch and support. I kind of did this at Half Moon Bay, but also ran 15 miles that day, so it wasn’t truly spectating. This was. I woke up at 5:45AM, drove my tired and reluctant butt over to Walnut Creek, and camped out with the Lululemon cheer station to support the runners of the inaugural Walnut Creek Half Marathon.


(Photo above and two below courtesy of Aron—check out her recap!)

I got to high-five Pavement Runner, cheer wildly for Layla making her pacing debut, and celebrate post-race with Beth who hit her goal of a sub-25 5K!


Spectating alongside me were Katie, Aron, Kristin, and Kerry. Probably the #1 reason that got me out there was to see those girls. They are wonderful people but I rarely get to actually spend time with them—so that was rad.


Being on the sidelines put things in an entirely different perspective. The lulu group was awesome—hilarious signs, lemon costumes, overly energetic women and (perhaps most importantly) a DJ pumping rap music at 7AM that transformed our section of street into a little dance party.

We definitely cheered up a lot of people, or at least distracted them when they read our signs and laughed at our dance moves! It was fun to watch a race from the sidelines, to think about what goes into it, to try to be what people need at mile 10 of a half marathon when they’re giving it their all. I really should spectate or volunteer at races more often, because it puts all the work that people do in perspective—that races are made up of far more than just the people who run them.


Plus, it was great fun—and I didn’t even have to run one mile!

Today, my lesson was different, more personal. Last night, I went to bed upset. I hate going to bed with bad feelings. It pretty much guarantees a rough night of sleep, bad dreams, and an unpleasant morning. All three of those were confirmed, and when I woke up I needed to get out of my rut. Some relational things had been bothering me yesterday, and I was feeling a bit weighed down. I kind of wanted to get out of the city, but I knew it wouldn’t work. So instead, I did what I often do when I need to think—I walked to a beautiful place.

I chose Twin Peaks, as I’ve been wanting to go up there for a long time but never could get anyone to go with me. So I went alone.

This wasn’t so much a hike as it was a walk up steep hills, and I stopped at Tank Hill Park first per a friend’s recommendation. There, less than one mile from my house, I saw this.




Less than half a mile more, and I was at the top of Twin Peaks. I could see the entire city stretching out in all three directions. I was amazed, stunned by the beauty around me. Overwhelmed.


I could see my block from up there. Back down, in my house, little things were weighing me down. Friends were hurting me. Life was confusing me. I felt powerless.


Up there, it made me realize that my problems are miniscule and more importantly, they are fleeting. Everything works out. In the grand scheme of life, what was bothering me that day would pass.

So I let go.


And the thing that got me was that this place is in my backyard. It’s a 20-minute walk. And in nine months of living in the city, I hadn’t gone up there. I hadn’t stopped to make time, even a couple of hours, for something important. How often do I do that in other areas of my life? With friends, with family, with work? With what makes me happy?


Sometimes the answers are there all along if you just take the time to step aside and look at things differently.

Tomorrow is a new day. And I’m ready for it.


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    1. Gorggggeous views!!

      Didn’t realize you were one of the lulu girls cheering people on at WC! Personally, I really needed those cheers, so thank you!
      Lauren @ Sugar Coated Sisters recently posted..Partyin’ with the Baby BoomersMy Profile

    2. First off, the lululemon cheer spot rocked! I was totally looking fwd to coming across you all and it def. put some pep in my step. Thanks for the high five and the shout out. It’s great to have crowd support, even from those that you only know on twitter. Who knew you existed in real life?!?! LOL

      Second, kudos for taking the time to clear your mind and getting some “me” time. There are tons of spots in the city to experience something different from the mundane. The photos look great, and it sounds like you are on top of things. Head up and sending positive vibes your way. Cheers.
      PavementRunner recently posted..Dear 1:55My Profile

    3. I love this post. You are amazing. Can’t wait to reunite when I get back. Xoxo
      Alyssa recently posted..Race Recap: California International MarathonMy Profile

    4. This is such an inspiring post Courtney. I had similar experiences on my trip. It’s weird to get a different perspective on things. And…I want to hike up to Twin Peaks with you sometime!

    5. Seriously, going somewhere like that can bring perspective. It’s amazing what getting out of one environment and into another can do for your rationale and though processes! I think it’s always a good idea to “step away” when you are battling something. It’s necessary to finding peace! Great post!
      Ericka @ The Sweet Life recently posted..A Christmas Brunch!My Profile

    6. Great post, and I hope you continue to remember that feeling of letting go throughout the week, even when you’re home! It is definitely important to do that stuff once in a while, just to clear out the junk from your head and allow yourself to move on. Well done!
      Kathryn @ Flopoodle recently posted..Meet Snoozy (My First Vlog!)My Profile

    7. Sometimes all you need to do is let go. Its so hard, but it feels so good! I need to do that hike, what a gorgeous view!
      JANE recently posted..Sundance {Kabuki.}My Profile

    8. Love this post, Courtney!! I’m glad you took the time to clear your head. I love going on walks by myself, it really clears my head – more than a run even.
      This was just the post I needed – I’ve been in a little funk for the past week and a half now, and can’t seem to snap out of it.
      Caroline recently posted..Twenty-five things before twenty fiveMy Profile

    9. I love this post…I too am working on just letting go…I hold on to things I shouldn’t far too much for far too long…It’s a tough habit to break!
      Katie@Real Food Katie’s Way recently posted..It’s Coming! It’s Headed Right For Us!My Profile

    10. Great post! A very sobering reminder.
      Jamie recently posted..Arts and Sciences 5KMy Profile

    11. there’s an awesome view from bernal heights park too. love this city! i’m always reminded that there’s so much more out there that the little things [while they do matter] shouldn’t weigh me down.
      suki recently posted..Chocolate Truffle Espresso Cookies w/ Butterscotch Chips + Cookie Swap!My Profile

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