You Had Me at “Orange Meatless Chicken”

Last night was my fourth GrubWithUs dinner and my first where I got to dine with the lovely Jana! These dinners are a great way to meet cool new people and also, equally cool, to get to try a wide variety of dishes from a cool new restaurant all at once. Previous GWU meals have included:

And last night I got a chance to go to Yum Yum Hunan, a Chinese restaurant in lower pacific heights on Divisadero. And we had a vegetarian menu! Double score.

Shockingly enough, TWO (!!) of the eight diners did not show up so for the six of us that were there—more for us!


We started with either hot and sour or eggflower soup, veggie spring rolls, and potstickers. The potstickers were awesome! I tend to think egg rolls don’t taste like much besides the awesome neon sauce, but these were good too!



they brought food out so quick it was super overwhelming! all of a sudden our table was just absolutely overflowing with plates and I didn’t really know what to do with it. Anyways.


We had four different entrees:


Salt and Pepper Tofu (all right)


Bok Choy and Mushrooms (good!)


Kung Pao Tofu (really good!)

Eggplant (photo fail)—was really delicious though, highly recommend


Orange Meatless Chicken (!!!) this was what I was by far the most excited for. I love orange chicken. This was absolutely my favorite dish.

Everything was served with either white or brown rice. Dessert was fried bananas and green tea ice cream.


There was great conversation, there were fortune cookies, and there was checking in on Yelp. (One of our diners is a Yelp staffer, another an aspiring Elite!)



I really hope my fortune is accurate.


I would definitely come back to Yum Yum Hunan for some more potstickers and meatless chicken. Smile

new September goals post coming soon. have a great Thursday everyone!

Do fake meats creep you out? Maybe it’s only because I’ve been a vegetarian for less than a year, but I love them Smile


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    1. I don’t really have a problem with fake meat. I try not to eat it too much because I feel like it’s pretty heavily processed, but once in awhile I definitely like it (like Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo…that ish is amazing)
      Cate recently posted..Peach CobblerMy Profile

    2. everything looks delicious!
      Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef recently posted..Healthy “Fried” RiceMy Profile

    3. Ooh yum, I would have been all over the faux orange chicken!

    4. Whoa, seriously delicious!! I love Chinese food because it had tremendous potential to be healthy. And the fact they usually have vegetarian options is amazing, too.
      Mary @ Bites and Bliss recently posted..Ride here, ride thereMy Profile

    5. It was great to see you last night! Hopefully I will see you this weekend to work off all that food we had (and yes, I admit I ate my left overs when I got home).
      JanaC recently posted..The People You Meet in Yum YumMy Profile

      • You’re welcome. I’m so happy to hear that you found sonhteimg that works for you. I’ve seen a lot of people using those belts and they seem to really work. In regards to the compression socks, I LOVE them. Again, it’s different for everyone but I personally really like them. I’ve used them on long runs before and they help me a lot. I also use them the night before a long run and after.I hope your lower leg gets better soon. I agree with being so close to the race that maybe taking time some time to rest is probably the best. Good Luck!! Do you have a blog that I can follow? I would really like to read it

    6. everythign looks so good! fake meats don’t really creep me out…although i tried a veggie hot dog once and hated it! but i’m totally open to “veggified meats”. I have to say, i’ve seen lots of pics of morning star veggie bacon on people’s blogs, and it always makes me laugh because of how “fake” it looks. not fake in a bad way, just fake as in plastic or something youd see a little kid holding in a toy kitchen!
      Mallory @ It’s Only Life recently posted..Breakfast for Lunch + 80s FashionistaMy Profile

      • I so am with you on the morningstar bacon! I’ve never bought it for that reason. :) Though the veggie sausages they make are VERY good and pretty realistic!

    7. OK, I definitely I have to check out this GrubWithUs thing….

      Fake meat doesn’t universally creep me out — just the ones that do it really badly! (Or maybe it’s the chefs doing it badly. Who knows.) Most of the time, I think I kind of prefer meat-like protein sources that just do their own thing, rather than trying to imitate meat.

    8. Wow everything looks so good! I looove spring rolls, mostly because I’m picky and they don’t taste like much : )
      Caroline recently posted..Start your day off rightMy Profile

    9. I now have an insanely intense craving for DINE IN chinese food…Thanks a lot ;)

      Fake meats absolutely do freak me out…In fact I was just at the supermarket and marvelled at the rows and rows of Tofurkey everything….

      I’ve always wanted to try green tea ice cream…What’s it like?
      Katie@Real Food Katie’s Way recently posted..A Love Letter To My KitchenMy Profile

    10. I think I am full just looking at this meal. So good…
      Clarkie @ Beloved Green recently posted..Grilled Bananas and a GiveawayMy Profile

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