here we go again… Big Sur 2012!

I did something bad this morning.

I paid off my credit card bill (!!) or at least within a few dollars. I was so excited to live debt-free and not make any major purchases for awhile.



If anyone knows who pulled out my credit card and made this ridiculous purchase, please inform me immediately so I can punish her.

Anyways, I knew the second I showed up at Big Sur 2011 that I’d be at Big Sur 2012, but thinking about the reality is pretty amazing. I have to reflect back to one year ago, when I’d decided in June that I was going to cross off my bucket-list “marathon” goal at a spring marathon in California, and I couldn’t do San Diego Rock & Roll (which for some reason I just assumed was the best first marathon to do or something…) so I looked for May and I saw there was one in Big Sur and I knew that was pretty close so sure! I made my mommy sign up for me the day that it went live and I wrote this post.


That post is amazing for me to go back and look at to see how much Big Sur meant to me. Sure, I’m living a life of running with running friends and I know dozens of people who run marathons so I kind of forgot how the distance seemed so untouchable. Going back and seeing how excited I was to sign up makes me know for sure that this event will always have a really soft spot in my heart/life and for that reason, I knew that if I was able to, I’d be back.

Looks like I’ll be back.

I still reread my marathon recap sometimes just to reminisce about what a fun time I had. I don’t know how many marathons I’ll run—I’m run/walking SFM in two weeks and then I think I want to spend some time just working on getting in better shape at all and increasing my speed and stamina as a runner. Maybe I’ll show up at a half somewhere if I can find one or at CIM or something but maybe I’ll just run and race and have fun. And then come December I can rally throw myself into Big Sur but all the while reminding myself that I run for fun.

This was a great happy Friday present for me Smile

Have an AWESOME weekend, everybody!


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    1. Big Sur is my favorite place in the world! I can see why that Credit Card slipped out of your wallet and signed up… on accident of course :)

    2. AHHHH I SO WISH I COULD BE THEREEEEEEEEEEEEE. I will have to live vicariously thru YOU!

    3. Woohoo! Congrats on registering!

    4. Court!!!!! YAY! You’re going to do freakkkkking awesome :) xo
      Brittany @ LessBritt MoreLife recently posted..brief!My Profile

    5. You are too funny! That is awesome and you’ll be happy that you signed up even if it means not living totally debt free!
      Grace recently posted..I’m an Aunt!!! and sort of a nerd…My Profile

    6. Congrats on registering! I’ve been starting to think about the next “big” race I’m doing. But like you, right now, I’m running for fun… :)
      Amy B @ Second City Randomness recently posted..Planning AheadMy Profile

    7. Lazy chick says:

      I really would lovemto make that mynfirst marathon next year, but I’m way too chicken to sign up for it due to it’s difficulty! Kudos to you!

    8. Yay! I’m jealous! I pulled out of this year’s (for several reasons), but I’m not sure what like will be like next May so I’m holding off. Some day, though!
      Christine @ BookishlyB recently posted..I Would Make an Excellent Pottery Barn BuyerMy Profile

    9. YAAAAAAYYY!!!!! I’ll see you there :) Isn’t it the most awesome race ever!?
      RoadBunner recently posted..Week 6, Plan DeviationMy Profile

    10. Ohh that is such exciting news- congrats! It must feel so awesome to know you are going to rock it again.
      Katie H recently posted..The Greatest Grocery Store EverMy Profile

    11. I got hope back!!!! My training is going so well, but concerned of course for the course…. !!! Reading your successful story excites me!!!
      Lizzie recently posted..The Naked RunMy Profile

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