Starting Over.

I have enjoyed blogging spastically throughout my Peace Corps experience at Transatlanticism (It´s the title of a Death Cab song!! Which seemed strangely relevant in the summer of 2008 as I prepared to disappear across the Atlantic for more than two years…) but I started feeling like something was missing. This post marks the transition between my old Peace Corps blog (several posts appear here, as they have been imported) and my new project: Pancakes & Postcards.

In the last several months, blogs have become a big part of my life as my desperate search for information about all things nutrition and fitness (due to overall unhealthiness spurred on by a sedentary lifestyle and African diet) brought me into the health “blogosphere” and I wanted to create something that was sort of an African version of that. Of course I can´t really do a blog in which I post everything about my lifestyle, seeing as it involves a lot of white bread and sometimes not a lot of veggies because… they just don´t grow here! Adding in the fact that I can´t cook and that I also live in a bamboo hut in Africa, this does not a strong premise for a food blog make! But, I am learning and having some pretty hilarious experiences doing it, and besides its fun for me. And motivates me to learn how to cook things resembling food instead of smearing some peanut butter on a hunk of dry white bread and calling it lunch (this was my first six months in Mozambique. Or maybe eight. Unfortunately, not joking!)

Adding onto that, I wanted my blog to encompass my love for food and attempts at health, but of equal importance, the crazy stuff that I deal with every day in my life here in Mozambique, and my love for travel and adventure that I consistently seek out. Life here can be hard to explain to those back home… after all, This Is Africa (T.I.A.!) but I want to try to show that in as real (and sometimes humorous) terms as possible.

I am not sure if this will be a winning combination or a completely futile attempt at creating a blog.

But if anything, this blog is for me. It will serve as a creative outlet for me during my last eight months in Africa and will hopefully follow me to the next country, stage of life, or whatnot that comes next. I hope people want to read it and find it mildly interesting…

…but if they don´t I will be okay with that. P&P is an experiment. And I´m just a girl in the Moz trying to figure it all out. Without the help of photography skills, consistent internet access (or even electricity for that matter), pretty much any interesting ingredients, or any experience with blogging past this sad excuse for a Peace Corps blog. It´s going to be a challenge! But bring it on! Welcome to P&P :)


About Me


Hi, I’m Courtney, a California girl with a passion for food, for healthy living, and for travel. This blog was created to chronicle my adventures in food, fitness, and fun, all over the world. I just finished up with two years in the Peace Corps in Mozambique, Africa and am currently eating and running my way through San Francisco while working for a tech startup company.